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Actigraphy Sleep Monitoring

Actigraphy is recommended for the diagnosis of a number of different sleep issues, including circadian rhythm disorders (problems with the timing of sleep), insomnia, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

  • The advantage of actigraphy is that it gives a picture of your sleep-wake rhythm over time as you go about your everyday life. Actigraphy provides information about your sleep in your natural sleep environment.
  • Actigraphy monitoring involves wearing a watch-like electrical device. Equipped with a specialized movement detector, it takes measurements repeatedly over a 24-hour period to give information about an individual’s sleep-wake pattern.
  • We use only research-quality devices that are more accurate than smartwatches or fitness bands and have been tested for precision in research.
  • We do actigraphy monitoring typically for a two-week period but the length of the monitoring depends on the nature of the sleep problem being investigated.

Fees for Services:

Actigraphy is a specialized assessment method and is not covered by OHIP. We provide a letter that describes why you need the assessment and we advise that you submit the letter to your insurance provider. In our experience, most clients receive funding but the decision depends on your insurance provider.

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