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Behavioural Sleep Medicine and Psychology

Behavioural sleep medicine is an area of psychology that specializes in the science-based evaluation of sleep and effective, non-medication treatment for sleep disorders.

Dr. Dora Zalai has trained both in medicine and in psychology and has extensive knowledge in behavioural sleep medicine. At Sleep on the Bay, she:

  • Provides expert-level, individually-tailored cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia
  • Provides client-centred, practical, empowering and collaborative cognitive behavioural and mindfulness-based therapy for mental health difficulties (for example, distress, depression, the full spectrum of anxiety conditions, obsessive-compulsive habits, PTSD) and sleep difficulties in one package
  • Helps people with sleep apnea chose the treatment that is the best fit for them and helps them use their chosen treatment effectively
  • Treats nightmares with a short and effective therapy
  • Evaluates and treats sleep difficulties caused by shifted or irregular biological rhythms
  • Offers individual and group therapy for people with narcolepsy
  • Works with individuals who have a sleepwalking disorder or other unusual sleep-related behaviour
  • Provides consultation to clients, physicians, psychologists and mental health counsellors

Fees for Services:

We provide solution-focused, time-limited, effective psychology treatments.  While psychological services in Ontario are not covered by OHIP, they are covered under a wide range of private insurance plans. We recommend that you check your coverage with your insurance provider as the amount of coverage depends on your health insurance plan. If you do not have coverage for psychology services, the amount you pay may be eligible on your income tax return as a medical expense

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