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Fees for Services

We provide both OHIP covered and non-OHIP covered services

OHIP-Covered services:

Clinical services provided by physicians are covered by OHIP.
Referral from a physician is required.

Services not covered by OHIP:

We provide solution-focused, time-limited, effective psychology treatments. While psychological services in Ontario are not covered by OHIP, they are covered under a wide range of private insurance plans. We recommend that you check your coverage with your insurance provider as the amount of coverage depends on your health insurance plan. If you do not have coverage for psychology services, the amount you pay may be eligible for your income tax return as a medical expense.

Actigraphy assessment, home sleep assessment and melatonin assessment are specialized assessment methods and are not covered by OHIP. We provide a letter that describes why you need the assessment and we advise that you submit the letter to your insurance provider. In our experience, most clients receive funding for these services but the decision depends on your insurance provider.

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